Does Your Septic Line Need to be Fixed?

Cartersville GA Broken Drain Line for Septic SystemIt’s Saturday morning, and you just stepped outside. The ground is soaking wet when you finally realize it didn’t even rain last night. Now that you look down, that saturated soil is only making up a portion of your yard…everything further out is still completely dry. You finally realize there’s a big problem on your hands: a broken or leaking septic line.

How Big Will the Repairs Be?

A septic line repair can be straightforward or extremely complex. Depending on the location of the failure, the entire line may need to be excavated and changed out. Or, a non-excavation technique may be possible (which is often a preferred option if the trenching would significantly impact your lawn) if the problem is localized.

Why Did It Break?

Part of the septic repair process is finding out what made it break in the first place. Was it a hard freeze? Settling soil? Buildup in the lines from pouring things down the drain that ought not to be? Part of the repair process will include inspecting the areas around break, so that you know what caused it to happen.

Find Out if Your Septic Line is Functioning Properly

Septic experts have a variety of ways to inspect septic lines to ensure they’re functioning well and intact. These days it’s not uncommon for some companies to use small cameras that go through the lines to get an up-close view of exactly where the internal problem lies.

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