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Does Your Septic Line Need to be Fixed?

It’s Saturday morning, and you just stepped outside. The ground is soaking wet when you finally realize it didn’t even rain last night. Now that you look down, that saturated soil is only making up a portion of your yard…everything further out is still completely dry. You finally realize there’s a big problem on your hands: a broken or leaking septic line.

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Are You Required to Have Your Septic System Inspected?

Search the internet for inspection companies or maintenance technicians, and you’ll find someone who can “inspect” just about anything. While some of these inspections are on an as-needed basis, others are required by building or municipal authorities. Septic system inspections are one classic example.

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How is a Septic System Tank Pumped?

If you’ve lived in your home for more than a few years and haven’t ever had the septic tank pumped, it’s time to have it inspected. Metro Septic Services of Cartersville will let you know where the sludge levels lay and whether or not it’s time to have the tank pumped. If it isn’t, we can give you a fair estimate of when it may need to be.

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