Are You Required to Have Your Septic System Inspected?

Cartersville GA Septic Service CompanySearch the internet for inspection companies or maintenance technicians, and you’ll find someone who can “inspect” just about anything. While some of these inspections are on an as-needed basis, others are required by building or municipal authorities. Septic system inspections are one classic example.

Check Your Local Regulations and Laws

Depending on the neighborhood you live in and the type of septic system that came with your house, some areas can legally require you to have your system inspected on an annual basis. In other towns, it may only be something that you can elect to have done if and when you choose. Due to environmental concerns and waste water codes, it’s becoming more and more common for specific cities or newer homes to fall under new laws requiring septic inspections by a septic expert.

Who Can Inspect Your Septic System?

Only licensed or certified septic inspection experts can perform a formal assessment and report for legally required documentation. At Metro Septic Services, our septic experts are familiar with the systems throughout Cartersville and surrounding areas, as well as the legal regulations put in place by local government. If you require a formal inspection, we know the exact paperwork that needs to be filed with the county or city departments.

If we find anything alarming during your inspection, we’ll let you know. The best way to prevent major septic repairs or problems is by having your system assessed on a regular basis. While required inspections may seem tedious, they can also save you a lot of money in the long run. Metro Septic Services is insured, so any repairs you need are fully covered. Call for a free quote!

Posted on behalf of Metro Septic